Company Profile

Through our many years of intensive experience in International Examination Gloves trading and active participation in International Medical / Dental Exhibitions, we are better equipped to follow the development of global trend, and understand the needs and demands of consumers in the market.

Puritex, with the new technology in production to enhance purification in order to protect consumers in their profession of expertise with provide high quality of product.

To help our customers to market the products with more effectively, Puritex recommends conceptual marketing approach where our customers could get extensive supports from Puritex.

We always support our customers not only to OEM the product also OBM the product of overall Brand Strategy.

Puritex has always been providing wide variety of product range to the customers with competitive pricing and reliable after sales service.

Puritex always applies the management approach that places the customers at the utmost important position. We always ensure our team members provide quality service to our customers.

We started to provide a wide range of high quality latex glove & dental disposable products to meet the growing market demand from vast variety dental health care industries and medical industries.

Puritex products offered include:

1) Latex examination Glove

2) Nitrile examination Glove

We aim to provide Support, Service and Satisfaction to customers for maintain a long lasting friendship and business bond. We are committed to a policy of listening to our customers’ needs and understanding their requirements.

We are continuously finding ways to improve our services and product line, thus will simultaneously introduce new technologies to our customers.

We have earned and upholding the trust given by its customers to assist them in improving reliability on their products and ensuring business growth.

Any inquiries about our products that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to: For more information, can log in to our website: We give our promise to provide you with a prompt service regarding your inquiries and also maintaining your standards of conduct.