Latex Examination Powder Free, Double Chlorination

: Ambidextrous, Straight fingers, textured and beaded

Glove Length : 240mm minimum

Color : White


Typical Thickness (Single wall)

Point of Thickness Measurements Single Wall (mm)
Palm (at center of palm) 0.15
Finger Tip (at 13 ± 3 mm from fingertip) 0.16
Cuff (at 25 mm from the beaded end) 0.12

(Note: gloves are packed to 100 pieces per box as a standard practice)

Typical Powder Content : Maximum 2.0mg/glove(ASTM D6124)

Typical Protein Content : Less than 50µ g/g using ASTM D5712-99 method.

Before Ageing After Ageing
Tensile Strength min 18 Mpa min 14 Mpa
Ultimate Elongation min 650 % min 500 %
Force at Break(N) min 9 min 6


  Size Width

Typical Glove Weight/Width

XX-Small 65 – 67mm
X-Small 77-80mm
Small 82-85mm
Medium 92-95mm
Large 102-106mm